When I make changes in my life, I tend to go full on cold turkey and tackle whatever it is head on. I seem to have a decent amount of perseverance with things. I have half a plan to write as often as I can – even if that’s not daily at the moment – but the equivalent is working out that way. I may make multiple posts a day, but they will even out!

I have not a clue about what change I will attempt next, but time will tell. I’m relatively happy with the way things are right now, although I can feel myself getting into a small rut having worked in the same place for 5 and a bit years now. I don’t necessarily have itchy feet as the last few years have provided plenty of challenge and interest as they are – and I know there will be more to come. Each of those challenges comes from change. Change is always good. Maybe other people are more perceptive about my personality than I am. I have mentioned this before, but some of my colleagues see me as a very positive person, whereas I feel like I’m quite negative. I think it’s because they see me as someone who will help them, no matter what. Although, if I don’t so something straight away for someone, it gets forgotten about reasonably quickly. I’m a little butterfly minded like that…

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