Weight Tracker

Since the Summer of 2014, I have been making an effort to lose weight. For far too long have I been told by people that I really should do something about it. So, along with Mrs Pitts, I am.

To be honest, the biggest change has been the removal of bread from our diets – that and an increase in fruit and vegetables. We have always eaten relatively healthily, Mrs Pitts usually cooks meals from scratch, but even so, we have looked again at this too.

What you see below are charts showing my progress so far from when I began weighing myself until the last time I updated the data! I have been very good at weighing myself every Saturday morning, and I try to do it at a similar time each week to make the measurement relevant (the mathematician/scientific part of me is loving this). Inevitably, this being me, there will be times when the graph hasn’t been touched for months, but I will add new data as often as I can.

To explain the additional lines, each of those represents losing 10% of my initial weight (at 108.36kg and 96.32kg respectively).

The rises tend to coincide with school holidays. It’s much easier to stick to the plan at work!