Photos: Quarry Bank Mill

Quarry Bank Mill (also known as Styal Mill) in Styal, Cheshire, England, is one of the best preserved textile mills of the Industrial Revolution and is now a museum of the cotton industry. Built in 1784, the mill is recorded in the National Heritage List for England as a designated Grade II listed building, and inspired the 2013 television series The Mill.

This was our second visit to Quarry Bank Mill – we first visited it in 2008.

Quarry Bank Mill is on the outskirts of Styal in Cheshire, to the south of Manchester Airport. The mill is on the bank of the River Bollin which provided water to power the waterwheels. It was connected by road to the Bridgewater Canal for transporting raw cotton from the port of Liverpool.

We also visited nearby Styal Village, where the cottages for mill workers were built and I managed to capture images of a playful squirrel.




Summery Trip Type Things

As you’ve probably no doubt noticed, photography has become something of a hobby for me recently. There’s something quite nice about going to places and finding ways to frame their lovliness and then displaying that to the world.

This summer holiday I went around quite a few places – some local, some on my long weekend to Cheshire – and the main focus was, alongside relaxing, taking photos.

Now, I know how boring and uninteresting photographs of people’s holidays can be, but that’s not my reason for sharing them with you. The photos are all of National Trust properties which are something I think are unique to the country. Where else in the world do you get eccentric, rich people building things in the middle of nowhere for the sole reason of looking at a pretty view? Or for hunting? Or to display their massive wealth? I’ll tell you where, nowhere.

No other country has these magnificent houses, these brilliant follys, these gardens and lakes of such tremendous beauty that you can’t help but fall in love with them.

I know that being a member of National Trust doesn’t really suit a fairly young member of society but the good thing about it is, aside from free parking, is the free entry to their sites and let’s face it, it’s a massive incentive to go to them if you’ve already spent the money anyway…

And so I find myself planning these trips. The sole reason for going to Cheshire was the sheer number of sites around there. I found myself with a spare Friday so popped along to Nostell Priory. And every single time, I took plenty of photos.

Here they are (each link opens in a new window, with photos displaying larger versions and text links taking you to albums stored at

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