Photos: A trip to Wales and a return to Bodnant Garden

Yesterday, we had a quick day trip to Wales to visit my dad in his new home.

While we were there we returned to Bodnant Garden, a place we visited in August 2010 (those photos can be seen on my much-neglected photo site here).

Plus, there’s a bonus photo of Conwy Castle viewed from the shores of Deganwy.




Photos: RHS Harlow Carr – Good Friday (30th March 2018)

This Good Friday, we visited RHS Harlow Carr once more. We love seeing the changes in the gardens as the seasons pass by. In the bird hide, we saw a jackdaw, a nuthatch and a rat!




Photos: Tour de Yorkshire in Gomersal

Now in its third year, the Tour de Yorkshire passed through Gomersal yesterday. I was taken aback by the number of people who were out on the streets to watch the cyclists hard at work. We had decided that being on Spen Lane would be a good place to watch as the hill there is relatively steep – it certainly is a difficult one to walk up – and we thought they would be slower, and easier for me to get some decent photos of. We were right, as you can see below.

One interesting event was a gentleman decorating the road with a spray can by writing “Welcome to Gomersal”. He didn’t seem to mind that it was a live road still, and held up the traffic a few times… in the end, a kind bus driver stopped to allow him to finish.

As we were waiting, just before the cyclists arrived, a course car pulled up and gave some detail as to what was actually going on. There was a leading group of 6 riders, with the peloton around two and a half minutes behind.Obviously, all these riders need support too

Obviously, all these riders need support too and the number of spare bicycles on top of the team cars was also amazing to see.



What is it like at Aysgarth Falls in April?

Aysgarth Falls is a collection of 3 main waterfalls, known as – perhaps unsurprisingly – the upper, middle and lower falls which cover around a mile of the River Ure in Wensleydale in the Yorkshire Dales. The weather hasn’t been particularly wet recently, leading to steadily flowing, relatively clear water, cascading over the limestone steps.

It is, quite simply, a gorgeous place, which looks like this:


What is it like at Harlow Carr in January?

In an opportunity to try out my new camera bag, we found ourselves back at Harlow Carr. The squirrels were on good form!


366: What have I learnt from doing this?

To be honest, not a lot.

I’ve considered how to sum up each day as a question, and that absolutely nobody reads it. But I don’t mind. Part of the reason for that is that I purposely decided not to publicise each post on Facebook – when I did my 365 a few years ago, each post was placed on there and that generated more post views than I ever expected. The difference is stark and shows the power of a post on there.

Still, if I were to take anything from this year, it would be the number of photos that I am really happy with. I’ve chosen my favourite from each month below.

January: Day 17: What is Cleckheaton like in the snow?

I chose this because it seems such a long time ago – but also I love the geometry the telephone wires provide in this image.

February: Day 45: What is it like at Brimham Rocks in February?

This photo of Mrs Pitts is dramatic and joyful at the same time. I chose it because I had totally forgotten it existed!

March: Day 90: What is it like in Whitby?

March was a tough choice because of a trip to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park in Spring, which generated some lovely snowdrop photos. But in the end, I couldn’t resist these seagulls.

April: Day 113: How do you know you’ve nailed a printing technique?

April was also a difficult choice but because there were so few photos to choose from. This one came from quite an ironically titled post as I really don’t have 3D printing nailed at all. I do love the Heath Robinson style printer we have at work, inherited from another school, and this encapsulates that well.

3D Printing: in process

May: Day 149: What are the animals like at Greenland Farm Village?


May also saw our first visit to RHS Harlow Carr, causing me a problem as there were so many photos to choose from there. Like this from Day 128: What is it like at RHS Harlow Carr in May?:

There there was this photo of Kit too (Day 152: Why would a cat stick its tongue out at you?):

Kit sticking her tongue out

Kit sticking her tongue out

June: Day 176: What is it like in Knaresborough?

This photo just feels very well framed for me. I love the way the train is crossing the bridge and is nicely centred.

July: Day 204: What is it like at Bradford Industrial Museum?

Machinery and cogs have always been fascinating for me. I adore the detail in this photo, but marvel at the whole machine.

July was another month with a lot going on. I couldn’t resist this one either from our second visit to RHS Harlow Carr (Day 197):

But there’s also this one from Ilkley Moor (Day 213):

August: Lyveden – Photo Gallery

There were plenty from August, given that we went on holiday and it contained a trip to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park, but I couldn’t resist this dragonfly image. One of the photos I’m most proud of.

September: Day 247: What is it like at RHS Harlow Carr in early September?

As well as having many wonderful flower photos, I manage to capture this flapping mallard too at RHS Harlow Carr.

October: Day 283: What is it like at Sheffield’s Tropical Butterfly House, Wildlife and Falconry Centre?

This hard working ant was the product of a decent wait until I captured it at just the right time. Awesome.

There was also this wonderfully autumnal photo from Day 299: What is it like at Hardcastle Crags?

November: Day 308: How would you describe this person?

From another little project, Things Kids Write, this is an extra old adult.

December: Day 338: What is it like at RHS Harlow Carr in December?

An easy choice. I simply adore this inquisitive robin.

But then, I also love the lit up Fountains Abbey from Day 362:


342: What have you done so far this week?

I’ve taken over 1000 photos, filmed two videos, written roughly 2500 words, sang any number of songs and I’m not really yet on top of marking – or in possession of the knowledge of what I’m teaching (to a large degree anyway) for the next two days. Neither have I rehearsed my solo for the four concerts I have coming up this weekend.

Some of the photos are really rather good – if I do say so myself! 161 of them are on the school website covering the nativity plays so far this week. The two videos are for the same thing.

Still, only 7 more days at work this year, and that can only be a good thing.