Photos: A trip to Wales and a return to Bodnant Garden

Yesterday, we had a quick day trip to Wales to visit my dad in his new home.

While we were there we returned to Bodnant Garden, a place we visited in August 2010 (those photos can be seen on my much-neglected photo site here).

Plus, there’s a bonus photo of Conwy Castle viewed from the shores of Deganwy.




What is it like at Harlow Carr in January?

In an opportunity to try out my new camera bag, we found ourselves back at Harlow Carr. The squirrels were on good form!

78: Why is this pig so sad?

The plastic pig of sadness

All day at work I’ve had a purposeful spring in my step. There has been a lot of moaning and upset recently and so a colleague and I thought it would be nice to try and find positivity wherever we went.

It worked. To a point. Telling people you’re going to be positive no matter what kind of misses the point. But still, I tried.

Then, when I was just about to leave school, I was walking through the shared area and this forlorn looking pig caught my eye. I wonder why it is so upset?

Maybe it has seen the plastic bacon in the kitchen area…