Photos: RHS Harlow Carr – Good Friday (30th March 2018)

This Good Friday, we visited RHS Harlow Carr once more. We love seeing the changes in the gardens as the seasons pass by. In the bird hide, we saw a jackdaw, a nuthatch and a rat!



351: What is it like to know that you’ve finished work for the year?

It’s a great feeling, normally. It’s quite odd this year though because Mrs Pitts still has two days left in work after the weekend – and I’m spending time with her taking photos for their website next Monday evening anyway. So that will still feel like a work day. I don’t feel like I’m on holiday whatsoever. That will probably kick in on Monday when I’m at home in the morning…

Still, it’s been a long and productive half term. I can’t seem to remember the October break at all it seems so long ago. The usual Christmas events have made for a frustratingly fractured term of work. Loads of lessons have been put aside for rehearsals, but they were all worth it in the end. My final website related pieces are the final few advent calendar posts and a photo gallery from the Key Stage 2 Carol Concert. Once they are up, I can begin to relax about that and check in every other day to make sure all is running smoothly.

The New Sites

Finally, I have pretty much finished revamping all of my websites.

  • This is the main selection page if you will. It is built with WordPress and a couple of plugins. It will allow you to choose which part of my sites you want to visit.

HSXs Blog

  • Why I still use the net name HSX, I have no idea.
  • This is my blog, used to discuss things I want to talk about. It contains links, videos, anything I find funny. I can’t really describe it at all as it’s about me and I am a wild, varied creature. The content has been updated since 2004 and has recently been thoroughly checked for broken links and tagged to fit into WordPress.
  • This is also built using WordPress.

My Photo Gallery

  • A place to store my photos from my trips around the country.
  • Usually, I visit National Trust properties in my spare time, but there are a couple of other places too.
  • This is built using Gallery.
  • I need to work on integrating this into HSXs Blog and also spend time tagging the photos and locations on a Google map.

  • This site is for my class to use in school and to support homework.
  • It is built using WordPress.

Primary Mathematics Specialist Blog

  • Part of the programme involves creating a learning journal, this is how I have chosen to showcase my progress towards becoming a Primary Mathematics Specialist Teacher (MaST)
  • This is also a WordPress powered site.

Mr Pitts’ Useful Teaching Links

  • My way of storing useful ideas and sites found online to aid my teaching.
  • This was my first Joomla! powered site.

My Lifestream

  • Since my online life is scattered all over the place, this site is intended to bring it all together in one handy place.
  • This site was built from scratch.

The Princess And The Frog

  • This was created at a friend’s wedding when myself and a few other guests were a little bored.
  • It was built from scratch.

Rate My Goat

  • It’s a goat rating site, built as a birthday present.

Morley & District Concert Band

  • This is the band I conduct.
  • It is a Joomla! powered site.
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