Photo Gallery: RHS Harlow Carr

Last week we returned to RHS Harlow Carr on another glorious day. I adore the place as I get the opportunity to observe the details on a huge range of flowers. Unfortunately, the bird feeding station was unavailable in an attempt to reduce the amount of vermin, meaning I couldn’t take many wildlife images this time around. However, I did spot a couple of dragonflies and damselflies which I managed to capture.


Just A Couple Pieces Of October Linkage

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Subservient Chicken – It’s fun… a guy in a chicken suit. Doing what you ask him. Get him to dance, it’s great!

Cute Dogs – A Japanese guy took hilariously cute photos of little puppies through a fisheye lens. It’s cute!

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September Linkage

I send a lot of these to people as I get them, so apologies if you’ve already seen them.

1 – Upside-down mapAustralian Stuart McArthur drew his first upside-down map in 1970. Why? Well, why should Europe be at the top anyway? His teacher told him to re-do his assignment if he wanted to pass. 40 odd years later and he’s sold 350,000 copies of the buggers.

2 – Mad map – It’s a special type of madness that tries to organise the entire history of US business scandals into an A4-sized diagram. The good thing about this is that that diagrams are normally used to communicate complex information more effectively than words. This diagram is a failure. But a joyous one.

3 – Simon and Garfunkel Tennis – A tennis game where you get to play the umpire. An unusual approach to Flash gaming but the simple absurdity made me grin!

4 – Platform World – Lots of little stickmen, jumping and climbing around. Someone has tiled it to make a gigantic image of an epic stickman world. It’s pleasingly like something by MC Escher. And another one…

5 – KFC-a-like SpottingKFC sell protein to poor people, but the real poverty stricken people eat in KFC-a-like restaurants. You know, the lettering will be the same colours as KFC but the logo will be “Texan Fried Chicken” or best of all, “Kent‘s Tuck Inn Fried Chicken.” This site is compiling photos of all the variations.

6 – Are You Northern? – A test so that you can tell if you’re northern. “It was based on an extremely large sample of eight friends,” the creator brags “And I can conclusively say that it is largely 64% correct.”

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