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Day 84: Clumps Of Change

The Beatles

The Beatles

Today was a good little day. My class were out on a trip to the local high school which meant that I was in school with a quiet classroom getting on with jobs. Always a good thing. I added a graph to the school website showing attendances for last week – all I need to do is see how easy it is to edit it each week. If it becomes a chore, I’ll remove it, although updating the attendance figures each week isn’t really a problem and can be done over a 20 minute break time normally.

Other than that, I focussed on a small maths job I needed to sort, began making a plan for next half term and generally made myself useful.

Over the weekend, I saw this online. It’s a graph of all The Beatles’ songs graphed by length. It’s interesting to see how their music developed over time. You can hear it in the albums, you see it in their history, and you can still hear their influence in a lot of music today. To be honest, I don’t enjoy their earlier work half as much as later things. Help! onwards are the ones that grab me most.

The aftermath of Vettel‘s cheekiness in Malysia (ignoring team order to overtake his team mate to win) rumbles on. There’s no specific rule against that sort of thing anymore. But it shows his desire to win at any cost. Prior to this, his record had been fairly clean and he had come across as very likeable and personable. I guess to be a champion you need a bit of ruthlessness in you, but there are ways to achieve that without trampling all over your own reputation.

Finally for today, Mrs Pitts pointed out a clump of grey hair right at the front of my crop. Bum.


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