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Day 7: Back to Work

Today was the first day back at work in 2013. As appears to have become the tradition, it was an INSET or training day. This one was held at a local hotel, as it is an opportunity for the ten schools in our partnership to meet up and work together.

In case you were wondering, this is relatively uncommon. It is more usual for schools to work on their own and develop their staff within their own environment. This can mean a consultant or expert coming in, but it may equally be given to a member of staff to organise based around a specific subject. As ten schools are involved in organising this, it means a spreading of the costs for said consultant, which is great for our budget!

I am not planning on boring you all with details from today, as frankly it wasn’t great. There were many positive moments, and much of what was said I agreed with. However, as much of the advice given is already part of the way I teach, it’s hard to take anything but a feeling of, “Well, I’m doing OK then,” from it. Which is pleasing and gives me a warm glow inside!

The other main feature of the day was considering my class at the moment. Working with them is not always easy, but I really do enjoy my job.

Tomorrow brings the challenge of not being in class for the morning as I am working with some other staff in school. Being the children’s first day back after a long break, and the instant removal of a key part of the structure of their school day – me – is not going to be easy for them. Time will tell how they react.

In other news, we continued our cache a day challenge to try and fill up our calendar grid. This shows when we have cached and how many we have done on each day.

Our cache a day calendar grid.

Our cache a day calendar grid.

As you can see, we have some way to go, but we have filled in 42.3% of it already. That, as you may have noticed, includes February 29th! We don’t need to go and get a cache tomorrow, so that will be a day off. We hope to completely fill January and February by finding one each evening after school.

I promise tomorrow’s blog will not mention geocaching in any way, shape or form.


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