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Day 13: Geocaching, Band and Coldness

English: Whitley and Grange Moor viewed from F...

English: Whitley and Grange Moor viewed from Foxroyd Lane. Winter 2004/5, a light dusting of snow. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I know I’m writing a lot about Geocaching but it is taking up a lot of time at the moment. Which is great because the past year has mainly been focused on work. It’s fabulous to spend the time out and about have a break from thinking about my job.

As I have posted before, there is a calendar log showing which dates we have cached on. The plan is to fill that as much as possible this year. So we’ve identified days that we need to go out on and simple caches that we can find… hopefully. This approach has meant that we’ve found 26 this year.

It has also meant that we have made time to go and do it, clearing days such as today to go out to cache rich places. 9 were found today in and around Keighley – a place that is brilliantly quiet on a Sunday morning!

Band has been lovely once again. I’m currently on my own as a percussionist at Grange Moor, my colleague is not very well at all. This makes it tricky. Most music requires two players, kit and tuned. I am by no means a kit player. But I’m doing my best. It’s quite nice in fact to get a chance to play kit as it’s the only time I do get to play it.

Finally, it’s currently snowing. It has been cold all day, but actual white stuff is falling from the sky as I type. Thrilling!


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