Through the window

Today, through my window, I saw a woman walking two dogs… trailing ever so slightly behind them was a bright white cat. I have seen this happen quite a few time recently and I’m convinced that a couple of things must be going on. Either the cat is chasing the dogs on their little walk […]

Ode to a plyground

There is a bit of a theme developing here. This post is supposed to be about remembering somewhere important from my childhood – however, my memories are so vague and sparse from it that I really don’t recall anywhere. I’m certain we were regularly taken places, but I don’t remember anything. I do recollect a […]


The case of Dudley and Stephens is one of murder over death, as in murdering someone in order to live longer. Dudley ultimately murdered a crew mate in order to eat him and survive longer. Long enough, as it turned out, to be rescued with his other surviving shipmates. Is what he did defensible? Should […]


I’m starting to jump around some of the suggested writing ideas already. I plan on coming back to the ones I’ve missed but not just yet. Ive written many time about the importance of music in my life. Both the Morley And District Concert Band and Grange Moor Brass Band mean a huge amount to […]

Ready, Set, Go

This is a ten minute timed post. Whatever I have on the screen after ten minutes is getting published.   My day has consisted of work. I have created an online form for a class survey that has been completed over 30 times in the last hour – the power of Facebook… (remind me again, […]

I got skills

I’m pretty happy with my balance of skills in my life so when this post requires me to think of one thing I’d love to master, that’s quite hard. I like to think, without being too modest, that I’m decent at teaching, playing the music I do, this website lark and so on. Although, one […]

Breaking the law

I can’t think of any huge laws that I’ve broken. I have had a few driving infringements behind me, but nothing in recent history. I’ve never been arrested for instance, and can’t recall the last time I spoke to police officer. I’m quite boring really.