Right to health?

I love our NHS, for many reasons.

I love that it’s free and that decisions about my healthcare are made by people without concern over their own payment – and that drugs companies don’t have doctors under their thumbs.

I like that there are guaranteed waiting times – that hospitals have to organise your appointment within a certain timeframe – and that there are choices to be made as to where you have treatment should you need to.

At my particular doctor’s surgery, it is relatively easy to get an appointment. I am lucky, though, in that it has been a long time since I’ve needed any such treatment.

Still, I know that I would miss it and the whole country would be worse off without it.

Call me, maybe

My relationship with my phone isn’t overly complicated. To be fair, very few people ever contact me using it in the traditional sense, and it is mostly used to receive emails these days. It isn’t exactly a buzzing, beeping nuisance but it keeps me in touch with the world.


When I make changes in my life, I tend to go full on cold turkey and tackle whatever it is head on. I seem to have a decent amount of perseverance with things. I have half a plan to write as often as I can – even if that’s not daily at the moment – but the equivalent is working out that way. I may make multiple posts a day, but they will even out!

I have not a clue about what change I will attempt next, but time will tell. I’m relatively happy with the way things are right now, although I can feel myself getting into a small rut having worked in the same place for 5 and a bit years now. I don’t necessarily have itchy feet as the last few years have provided plenty of challenge and interest as they are – and I know there will be more to come. Each of those challenges comes from change. Change is always good. Maybe other people are more perceptive about my personality than I am. I have mentioned this before, but some of my colleagues see me as a very positive person, whereas I feel like I’m quite negative. I think it’s because they see me as someone who will help them, no matter what. Although, if I don’t so something straight away for someone, it gets forgotten about reasonably quickly. I’m a little butterfly minded like that…

Writing room

If I were to create the perfect writing room it would have plenty of light, a cat winding around my ankles, a gentle breeze blowing through the window and not be totally silent. I find silence distracting. I like to immerse my head in music if I’m working – I often sit at work when not working with pupils with headphones in my ears (this has the added advantage of preventing people from interrupting me as well). I very much doubt that my writing will ever become big enough to require such a space, but I have sometimes wondered what working from home would be like… I think I would be too distracted and miss the school routine to ever be productive though.


What would I miss the most if everything was lost in a fire? My actual house. I love this building, however odd and unusual it is. It’s the first home I’ve owned and can’t see myself leaving it anytime soon.

Burning down the house

Today’s brief is about choosing what you’d grab to save in the event of a fire, assuming all people and animals are safe.

I have thought long and hard about this and, apart from a few very rare collectible pieces of music memorabilia, the majority of my possessions are replaceable. Human, and animal, life is far more important than mere stuff after all.