Right to health?

I love our NHS, for many reasons. I love that it’s free and that decisions about my healthcare are made by people without concern over their own payment – and that drugs companies don’t have doctors under their thumbs. I like that there are guaranteed waiting times – that hospitals have to organise your appointment […]

Call me, maybe

My relationship with my phone isn’t overly complicated. To be fair, very few people ever contact me using it in the traditional sense, and it is mostly used to receive emails these days. It isn’t exactly a buzzing, beeping nuisance but it keeps me in touch with the world.

Writing room

If I were to create the perfect writing room it would have plenty of light, a cat winding around my ankles, a gentle breeze blowing through the window and not be totally silent. I find silence distracting. I like to immerse my head in music if I’m working – I often sit at work when […]